Through the Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses program, PEG Canada serves 300 internationally educated nurses each year from 54 communities from across Canada, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

Here’s what some of our learners had to say:


Maryam Kasirloo

“The PEG Canada team really cares. Words are not enough to explain the confidence and courage my instructor brought to my life. She inspired me to learn English again, and turned me into a more confident person who can actually work toward her goals. She will always be more than an instructor for me. She was the light on my path in the difficult moments of my life when I was struggling with a variety of different challenges—challenges that extended beyond learning language for nursing. The mental and emotional satiation and support I received at such a tough time in my life showed me that the truest form of learning is born of human compassion, patience and understanding.

To this day, whenever there is an obstacle in my way, I remember my instructor’s worthwhile and encouraging advice. She’s truly been like a candle whose light is immortal in my life.”

Leddie Villanueva

“I signed up for CCCN module and got accepted in Winter for Module 2. I never missed live online classes, my instructor gave me good feedback which helped me to boost my confidence. I won’t forget my last live online class with her, she prepared a Jeopardy game, we had the chance to review the previous lessons and everyone had fun. In spring I joined Module 3, same with the last session, I never missed any live online classes. My Module 3 instructor gave everyone the chance to speak during the class which built my confidence more. Struggling with submitting the task on time, working at the same time was difficult. But with the help of my instructors my writing and communication skills have been improved more.

Now, I am confident to talk to people of different races. In July 2018, I took and passed my first CELBAN exam. I couldn’t have done it without this program and all the PEG Canada instructors. I would like to thank everyone behind this program and all the instructors. Again, thank you for helping internationally educated nurses.”