PEG Canada welcomes new partnerships with immigrant service providers, different levels of government, and employers.

Currently, PEG Canada provides direct services to learners for two IRCC-funded organizations.

Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses (Manitoba Nurses Union)

Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses (CCCN) is a free online program that has a variety of learning options designed to help internationally educated nurses gain communication skills and cultural knowledge which are needed to enter and integrate successfully into healthcare in Canada.

What we do for CCCN

PEG Canada provides the teaching and curriculum development services needed to keep the CCCN program running smoothly. This involves a team of seven EAL Specialists, a Registered Nurse, and an I-CELBAN Lead. We offer onsite classes, online speaking classes, webinars, online activities and assessment tasks, ongoing feedback and assessment, and invigilate the I-CELBAN. PEG Canada also runs a Pronunciation for Healthcare Professionals course for CCCN.

English at Work

The English at Work (EAW) program is designed for businesses with immigrant employees who may face challenges at work because English is not their first language. Trained and experienced facilitators deliver practical, job-specific language training in the workplace, meeting the company’s needs for increased productivity through employee engagement.

What we do for EAW

St.Amant logoPEG Canada coordinates and invigilates the I-CELBAN group test and individual speaking tests for healthcare professionals at St.Amant. Within two weeks, we provide scores and quality, constructive feedback to participants to help them prepare for the official CELBAN.